Video Tutorial: How to Securely Configure Remote and Local Nodes with Cogent DataHub

Remote configuration for Cogent DataHub is  a feature that enables you to interact with a DataHub instance while it is running as a Windows service or remotely configure any DataHub instance across your enterprise.  

In previous versions, as you are likely aware if you’re an existing user, you had to interact with the DataHub service using the service console.  Once Windows 10 was released the service console became obsolete and the only way to interact with the DataHub v8 was to stop the service, open the DataHub as an application and make your changes.  This did not provide the best user experience. 

This is why the Remote Configuration feature is included for free starting with any DataHub from Version 9 forward.  Contact us if you would like to upgrade your DataHub licenses to Current Version.

With security always being a top priority of ours, the DataHub will install in a secure fashion, meaning Remote Configuration is disabled by default.  The steps in the following video will allow you to enable Remote Configuration for your DataHub nodes.



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