Exploring OPC UA Security Concepts - Securing Your Industrial Process Data

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Free White Paper - Exploring OPC UA Security Concepts

With the relatively recent Industry 4.0 movement coming out of Europe, and the design and operation changes brought about by the IIoT phenomenon, we are seeing more and more systems – that have traditionally been air-gapped and kept offline – being brought online to take advantage of the digital revolution in which we find ourselves.

Despite how you feel about this (r)evolution there are several exciting changes that are being brought about, including the one I want to discuss in this blog series, and that is the increased adoption of OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) in automation systems..

In this white paper, we explore what OPC UA Certificates are and what they provide, how they are used in OPC UA, and how they fit into the security ‘stack’ of OPC UA. Additionally, it examines OPC UA encryption methodology and the key concepts of a layered security model.


  1. Primary Functions of OPC UA Certificates
  2. Types of OPC UA Encryption
  3. Comparison of Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption
  4. Layers of OPC UA Security
  5. Key Considerations for Designing Your OPC UA Security Architecture

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