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Do any of these headaches sound familiar?

Problems Surprise You

Do you know about problems fast enough to act on them before they ruin your day/week/month/quarter?

Productivity Concerns

Do you know which production line, product line, SKU, batch, shift, or work order is using the most utilities (or the least)?

Manual Management

Frustrated with manually managing data in spreadsheets when you know the data comes from digital sources?

Inaccurate Reports

Are you confident your reports are accurate and that if someone changed a value you know who it was?

Source from Simultaneous Multiple Data Sources

Flow is focused on fast results generated through product configuration, not programming, scripting, or customizations. Flow connects to multiple existing digital data sources at the same time, including control systems, databases, ERP, MES, and process historians such as Wonderware Historian, OPC HDA, GE Historian, OSI PI, Citect Historian, and Siemens Process Historian. Flow joins digital data with manual data entry to complete your information needs.

Rapid Report & Dashboard Configuration

Flow’s included reporting portal means more people can build reports, and the drag and drop interface enables rapid generation of and changes to reports. Reports are delivered in HTML5 browser, via email, or even from the Flow Mobile app to iOS and Android devices. Flow breaks the reporting bottleneck that keeps users waiting for changes or new reports.


Measure, Aggregate, Calculate
Combine data from multiple sources to roll up things you want to measure by hour, shift, day, week, month, or year with calculations that match your business needs and are configured through a rapid drag and drop user interface that doesn’t require programming or scripting.

Events & Calendars Provide Context
Events mean you know which product line, SKU, batch, or work order uses more resources and which are more efficient. Multiple calendars & shift patterns empower reporting over your time frames the way you run your business.

Model & Report
Organize the data you're measuring, aggregating, and calculating the way your process is set up, then build tabular and graphical reports, scorecards, and dashboards aligned with your business structure  without programming.  

Reusable Functions
Your know your business metrics. Supplement Flow’s rich spreadsheet function set with your own calculations and use them over and over in your aggregations and calculations. Maintain function definitions in one place for scalable future changes.

Audit Trail
Accountability every step of the way. Flow records who made configuration changes, who entered manual data, which authorized users changed incorrect data, and more. Flow also remembers previous data, so you can always revert back to a prior value.

Leverage Existing Historical Data
As you configure Flow and at any other time  you can have Flow run your configured aggregations and calculations against existing supported data source, offering the immediate ability to compare present to past and protect your existing investments in data.