Integrate RESTful web services with OPC UA and SQL

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Free Guide - OPC Router RESTful to OPC UA & SQL Quick Start

This guide is intended to serve as a step-by-step how-to reference on configuring the OPC Router to expose a RESTful API Endpoint that HTTP Clients can use to extract data from the OPC Router.

This document covers configuring the OPC Router with a RESTful HTTP Endpoint that will be used as a trigger for returning data that is accessible in the OPC Router, specifically OPC UA data and related SQL database information.

Returned values are dynamically determined based on the query parameters provided by the HTTP Client as part of the HTTP GET request, for incredible flexibility. Using the returned system and machine number, current line speed will be retrieved from an OPC UA server and Product ID form a SQL database and returned in an HTTP response.


  1. How to configure a connection to any RESTful web service.
  2. How to configure request and response parameters for the web service connection.
  3. How to use the test function to confirm the proper RESTful response format from the web service.
  4. How to configure the JSON Read transfer object to properly process responses from the web service.
  5. How to configure connections to any OPC UA data source
  6. How to configure connections to a SQL database
  7. Mapping web service data parameters into corresponding columns of a database using OPC Router's Visual Workflow capability.
  8. How to configure the JSON Write transfer object to write OPC Router data to a RESTful web service

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