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Domestic Engineering Project Uses DataHub WebView

The Cogent DataHub® is designed for projects requiring real-time data integration in industrial automation, financial services, embedded applications, and building automation systems. Although these projects typically tend to be commercial ventures, the same technology can be used in home integration projects as well.

Recently Mr. Jindrich Kubicek living near Prague, Czech Republic, used the Cogent DataHub and DataHub WebView™ to monitor and control his home heating system. As the system was being installed, Jindrich, an avid automation engineer, connected the key data sensors and controls to an OPC server. This foresight made it easy to then connect the Cogent DataHub.

130524_CzechHome"I found DataHub WebView on a Google search for a web-based HMI,” said Jindrich. “It was easy to connect the DataHub to my OPC server, and it didn't take me long to draw the screens. In a few hours I had a working system."

The home heating system consists of a boiler to heat water, which gets stored in two large tanks. Water from these tanks is piped through radiators in the living room, as well as into the home's hot water tank, to be used for bathing, cooking, and other domestic needs. Sensors on the pipes and tanks feed pressure, temperature, and flow data to the OPC server, which gets picked up by the Cogent DataHub and then displayed in a web page.


"It's really handy to be able to check my system wherever I am," said Jindrich. "When I leave home, if I forget to turn down the heat, no problem. I can log onto my site and quickly change the settings for the thermostat. In the future I hope to expand my use of the Cogent DataHub to monitor and control other systems in my home.

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