Learning OmniServer Implementation

Free Implementation Guide

Free Learning OmniServer Implementation Guide

Have you been tasked with bringing data from a new device (maybe a weigh scale or barcode scanner or RFID system) into your HMI/SCADA system? Or maybe it’s an existing device that you’ve simply not been collecting data from over the years or have been doing so by hand.

If so, there’s a good chance you just have the device and a protocol document from the manufacturer to get started.

And for this new device, you’ve determined there is no existing, off-the-shelf connectivity driver or server available, whether by scouring the internet, speaking to the device manufacturer or distributor, or possibly even speaking with one of our knowledgeable engineers at Software Toolbox.

So what now? Do you contact a custom software development house? That gets very expensive and time-consuming very quickly.

This guide provides a detailed walk through the process of integrating such devices using OmniServer without requiring custom code in a fast, affordable manner that provides industry-standard client interfaces such as OPC DA and UA, including the following major phases:

  1. How to gather the necessary details from the manufacturer’s protocol document

  2. How to create an OmniServer protocol using details from the protocol document

  3. How to test, connect and troubleshoot with that OmniServer protocol

Do you have a project where your having trouble integrating a non-standard device?  This FREE implementation guide can help you get started using OmniServer to integrate your device in a time-savings and cost-effective manner.


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