Best User Experience for Connectivity to Your Non-Standard Devices without Code

Software Toolbox has provided users, integrators, OEMs, and channel partners in over 100 countries with best-in-class connectivity solutions since 1996.  OmniServer gets you connected to all of your non-standard drivers - all without requiring custom code.  Submit your quote request using the form to the right.

Diagram - What is OmniServer?

Available in three editions, based on the needs of your project:

  • Wedge Edition - Our most basic OmniServer.  The same powerful data parsing capabilities of our other editions paired with a keyboard wedge plug-in for pushing your non-standard process to Windows applications accepting simple keystroke input.

  • Server Edition - Our most popular OmniServer.  Pairs powerful data parsing with industry standard interfaces for connectivity to most HMI, SCADA, MES, historian and other client software.  Interfaces include OPC UA, OPC DA, FastDDE/SuiteLink, and DDE.

  • Professional Edition - Our all-inclusive OmniServer.  Takes all of the features of the other editions and adds support for logging to text files and databases, as well as, sending configurable email notifications based on your non-standard process data.

  • Starter Kits for Server and Pro Editions - Starter kits include a perpetual license for your choice of a Server or Pro Edition OmniServer and add 2 hours of our world-class protocol consulting services to help you get started building your protocol in OmniServer.  Additional consulting services can be quoted based on the size of your project and the complexity of the protocol.

  • Support/Maintenance Agreements - Our continuous improvements process results in multiple new OmniServer release each year with enhanced functionality, fixes and support for the latest technology.  Keeping your support/maintenance for OmniServer current insures that you have access to the latest updates and our world-class support engineers.

Using the form to the right, you can request a quote for OmniServer for your project - please help us by including as much detail as possible about your project, including any device documentation or make/model and any license numbers, if applicable.  Also, include whether you prefer software or hardware licenses and any distributors or resellers you typically work with.

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