OmniServer Protocol Troubleshooting

Detailed Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Covers the following:

  • What steps are involved in using a solicited OmniServer protocol to connect to non-standard devices without writing any code:
    • Creating a new OmniServer Device
    • Creating a new OmniServer Topic
    • Creating an OPC client connection to OmniServer

  • What steps are involved in troubleshooting an OmniServer protocol:
    • Getting OmniServer ready
    • Determining if your client is connected to OmniServer
    • Determining if there are any hardware issues
    • Determining if OmniServer is successfully sending out requests
    • Determining if the device is responding to OmniServer
    • Determining if the device response matches your OmniServer protocol
    • Determining if OmniServer item values are displaying correctly

 Integrate Your Non-Standard Devices with OmniServer

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