OmniServer OPC Driver for TPI 9034 and 9038

Connect HMI/SCADA to TPI 9034 and 9038 Vibration Monitors

TPI Smart Vibration Monitors deliver cost effective vibration, temperature, & speed sensing for condition monitoring applications or anywhere you need to track vibration & temperature through their 4-channel 9034 and 8-channel 9038 units.  The OmniServer for TPI Smart Vibration Monitors connects the TPI devices via their Ethernet interface to any HMI, SCADA, Historian, MES or other software supporting OPC DA or OPC UA standards interfaces, as well as the Wonderware SuiteLink & FastDDE interfaces.

Info Graphic - OmniServer for TPI 9034 and 9038

If you’ve ever connected your automation software to a data source using an OPC connection, configuring OmniServer will be straightforward using its point-and-click user interface. Using OmniServer with many TPI devices is easily accomplished using CSV/Excel file import.

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