Improved User Experience and Licensing for Connectivity to Your Non-Standard Devices

Software Toolbox has provided users, integrators, OEMs, and channel partners in over 100 countries with best-in-class connectivity solutions since 1996.  With the latest OmniServer, we've gone even further to provide an upgraded experience for your device connectivity needs.

  • NEW Support/Maintenance Period Intelligence - OmniServer V3.0 now detects support/maintenance coverage - future upgrades will no longer require re-registrations for users covered by active maintenance/support agreements.

  • NEW Configuration Wizard - OmniServer adds a user-friendly configuration wizard that walks you through the process of configuring a topic and associating new/existing protocols and devices to get started communicating more efficiently.

  • Updated Configuration Interface with Tree View - The main configuration side bar has been updated to display an integrated tree view of all configuration views including Topics, Devices, Protocols, Clients and Diagnostic Tools.

  • Updated Topic and Device Configuration experience - From the new expanded tree view, select your topic or device and edit the properties directly in the main panel.

  • New Client Count Poll Statistics item - New topic-level poll statistics item provides a count of how many clients are actively connected to each topic in OmniServer.  Count is also visible in the Poll Statistics diagnostics view in OmniServer.

  • New CSV Import/Export of Command/Response Protocol Messages - Makes it easier than ever to mass edit your OmniServer protocols or move messages from one protocol to the other!

OmniServer Diagram - What is OmniServer?

When you download the OmniServer free trial version, you get:

  • Fully functional trial software that will run with no limitations for 2 hours at a time (simply restart the runtime to reset the demo timer)
  • Free access to our online knowledgebase, guides and resources.
  • Free access to our support & application engineers for any questions, help

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