OPC Data Client

Rapid OPC Client Development for Virtually Any Environment

Traditional custom development can be treacherous. OPC Data Client is an interoperability tested, lab-certified toolkit. Easy to use, it eliminates the need for knowledge of multiple OPC standards, providing rapid development and a runtime free deployment. Simplify and accelerate your integration development effort with OPC Data client.

When you download the free trial version, you get:

  • OPC Data Client (one download all including all components)
    • OPC UA Client development
    • OPC A&E Client development
    • OPC DA Client development
    • Support for COM or .NET application development
    • Excel Option
  • Full documentation
  • Example source-code for most popular development languages and platforms.
  • Access to support engineers for assistance and questions.

Demo Limitations

  • Connection to OPC Server will stop after 30 consecutive minutes
  • Application may be restarted to run for another 30 minute period
  • The 30 minute timer will be disabled after 210 days from the initial version release.
  • Purchasing a license for the product will remove the demo limitation.
  • Visit the OPC Data Client Website to learn more about the product's capabilities without downloading a trial

System Requirements

  • Works with Visual Studio.NET 2017 & 2019 and .NET Framework 4.7 and higher, along with .NET Core 
  • For full system requirements including .NET Core version support, please click here.


OPC Data Client Demo