OPC Data Logger Support Renewal, Reinstatement, & Upgrade request

Owning a support & maintenance agreement for your OPC Data Logger insures that you have the latest software, compatibility with operating systems, security patches, and latest in OPC specification compatibility. It also assures you priority access by email and phone to our support experts. 

If you’ve let your support agreement lapse, we can get you back on support and upgrade to the latest version in one step.

Complete the form at the right to request a quotation. 

If possible, we’ll need to obtain your license information in order to access your records. You can find this two ways:

  1. If you have saved your original license delivery email, you can copy/paste the serial number(s) from there.  

  2. In the OPC Data Logger configuration, you can view your license serial numbers by clicking on Help->Licensing->Display License Information

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