OPC Data Logger Version 4:
Upgrade Eligibility Request

Request a review of the eligibility of your existing licenses for free upgrades or receive an upgrade quote

If your V3.x licenses are on an active Support & Maintenance Agreement, you can upgrade to V4 at no additional cost.  Project configurations are fully forward compatible.  Please contact us using the form to the right when you are ready to upgrade as we have upgraded our registration database and new Activation Codes will be required to upgrade to V4. Click for V4 Upgrade Best Practices

Several valuable features you can take advantage of by upgrading to 4.0 include:

  • Compatibility on latest Operating Systems including Windows 11 and Server 2022
  • Improved project organization and object handling - flexible drag-and-drop of tree view items and easy object duplication for scaling projects.
  • Advanced options for File Spanning based on file size or record count. 
  • Continuous upgrades to the OPC UA interface for enhanced OPC UA reconnections by maintain existing sessions after a communication failure and maintaining current encryption support.
  • And coming soon in a subsequent V4 release - Improved control of database store and forward functionality.

Software Toolbox can look up the current status of your license and help you get the free upgrade, when the license is confirmed eligible.  If the license is not eligible, we will send over a quotation to get your licenses back on support/maintenance so you can upgrade to the latest version.

Please include your license information (if at all possible) so we can quickly access the eligibility for your license.  To lookup your license on the computer where you have OPC Data Logger installed, in the OPC Data Logger Configuration, go to Help > Licensing > Display License Information (as shown below) and send us the "Serial" number listed there:



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