Exploring OPC UA Security Concepts - Securing Your Industrial Process Data

Free E-Book

Free E-Book - Exploring Cybersecurity and OPC UA Security

Increased adoption of OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) in automation systems is a big part of this (r)evolution. It is impractical, however, to have the discussion about OPC UA security without also considering the broader environment in which OPC UA is used, the variety of solutions utilizing OPC UA and recognizing that most of our readers come from the operations technology (OT) space.

In this e-book, we explore in detail a wide range of relevant security topics affecting the IT/OT space in industrial automation to arm you with the information to ask the right questions and make the right decisions when working on your secure system architecture.


  1. Discussion of Open Ports, Business Data Needs and Cybersecurity Risk to Assist with Difficult Conversations
  2. OPC UA Security Concepts including Certificates, Encryption and Security Models
  3. Alternatives to Opening Inbound Firewall Ports including examples
  4. Layers of OPC UA Security
  5. OPC UA Security and Specific Configuration for Software Toolbox OPC UA Client and/or Server Solutions including:
    1. TOP Server
    2. OmniServer
    3. Cogent DataHub
    4. OPC Data Logger
    5. OPC Data Client
    6. OPC Router

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