Remote OPC DA DCOM Configuration

Remote OPC DA Classic (DCOM) Settings_200pxx256px

DCOM Hardening is Permanent in 40d 18h 19m 42s

Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

Covers the following:

  • Users and Group with DCOM
  • DCOM Configuration (specifically addressing required settings for systems with hardened DCOM settings (click for our FAQ on hardened DCOM)
  • Firewall Considerations with DCOM
  • Local Security Policies with DCOM
  • Software Toolbox Product-Specific Settings and DCOM Considerations

With Microsoft hardening DCOM recently and the path to rolling that hardening back ending in 2023, this guide provides a means to get your legacy OPC DA systems configured to work correctly for remote DCOM connection on those hardened systems. We also provide resources for users preferring to migrate away from DCOM and instead use secure tunnelling and/or OPC UA for easier, more secure remote connectivity.

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