Secure Plant Networking 

Real-Time, Secure by Design Networking using SkkyHub™ and DataHub®

  • Moving data between IT and OT networks
  • Rolling up data from plants to corporate
  • Exchange data between plants

Using the SkkyHub service and the Cogent DataHub gateway, you can perform these functions in real time, without the traditional IT and security hassles. 

  • Secure by Design: no VPNs, no open inbound firewall ports, no special hardware required. Connect differently, ask for a consultation to learn how. 

  • Real-Time Performance: Even when streaming data via the cloud, the SkkyHub Service only adds a few milliseconds over network latencies. With internet connections globally getting faster, latencies getting lower, amazing results are possible and demonstrable now.

  • Fits Your System: Connects to legacy or new systems, leverages standards such as OPC, MQTT, ODBC, Modbus, and more 

Free Trials available - just ask for a consultation and we'll get you setup!skkyhub-secure-plant-networking


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