TOP Server V6 Secure Deployment Considerations

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Get Your Secure Deployment Considerations GuideTOP Server enables communication for industrial automation and the industrial IoT. It is often used in production systems in discrete, process, and batch manufacturing; oil and gas production and distribution; building automation; energy production and distribution; and more. Safety and uptime are key components of these systems, but cybersecurity threats are increasing in both frequency and complexity.

As such, it is vital that, when utilizing the software in a production environment, users of TOP Server deploy the application as securely as possible within the context of their application requirements, corporate IT guidelines, other internal company guidelines, or regulatory requirements. 

This guide provides best practices that existing and new users should consider if their business needs require deploying TOP Server with maximum security.

Covers in detail security considerations regarding:

  • Network Environment and System Configuration
  • Host Operating System
  • Installation
  • Post-Installation (including details on specifying Application Data folder permissions)
  • Secure Interfaces
  • Configuration API
  • Ongoing Maintenance

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