TOP Server Version 6.0 - .NET Configuration API

TOP Server V6 Config API SettingsThe Configuration API in TOP Server V6 provides the ability to programmatically read and update the configuration in TOP Server from other software applications.  The configuration API allows you to read, create, update, and delete channels, devices, groups, meter groups, and tags.  Over time, the various optional plug-ins will also be configurable by the TOP Server API.

Recognizing that many of our users are .NET developers, Software Toolbox will also soon be offering an object oriented .NET wrapper for the RESTful API for users who develop in Visual Studio.NET and do not want to have to handle the management of the calls to the RESTful web service and serializing and de-serializing of the JSON packets.  The goal being to provide these developers a rapid development environment that allows them to focus on the configuration tasks, not the plumbing of implementation of the API.

If any of the use cases below sound familiar or if you have another use case for taking advantage of the .NET API and would like more information about how to get started, please fill out the form to the right and one of our knowledgeable engineers will be in touch as soon as possible to help.

Some typical use cases for the API include:

  • Enterprise Users with large projects that are changing constantly, such as in upstream oil & gas where assets are constantly being added and removed or moved.

  • Enterprise Users with other software applications, including in-house applications or other configuration tools they would prefer to use to manage the TOP Server configuration and maintenance process.

  • Machine builders seeking to automate changing of machine configurations across different customers or markets.

  • System Integrators seeking to reduce engineering cost through automation of routine, repetitive configuration tasks.

  • System integrators seeking to offer their users limited and simple access to certain routine configuration actions.

  • Users that need to limit what certain users can do beyond the capabilities of the built-in TOP Server User Manager and want to limit even what the user can see, or present the configuration information in alternative formats that are more meaningful to their users.

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