Video Tutorial: Configuring Secure Data Tunneling in DataHub 

In this video, we explain what an OPC or process data tunnel is and then go hands on to create a tunnel in DataHub between a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine and a Windows Server 2019 machine that are not even in the same Windows domain, covering the first 8 minutes of the video.

Then in the last 5 minutes we look at and configure advanced options for using encryption, authentication, and unique capabilities that can be used to limit the # of open ports required to tunnel data, including building a connection with no open inbound firewall ports on one side and show you where you can learn how to do configurations with no open in-bound firewall ports on either side of the connection.

If you have 2 machines of your own and one of them has an OPC process data source, you can use this video to setup your own proof-of-concept using the free trial software you can download here.  A list of possible data sources is at the bottom of this page. 

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