Careers at Software Toolbox - Success Factors

Our team are driven professionals who are passionate about customer experience. They enjoy applying their technical and problem solving skills to make a difference in our client's businesses and lives of the client's customers. Their communications skills and ability to work with other engineers enables them to make a positive impact around the world in many industries. 

Team members that are successful at Software Toolbox:

  • Are reliable, stable team players and can demonstrate how they contribute to a team's success 
  • Can demonstrate their drive and self-motivation
  • Have a strong sense of self-responsibility
  • Understand the value of organization and having a system to handle multiple activities and goals and realize the value of evolving their self-management processes to create opportunities for more responsibility and growth. 
  • Communicate effectively in writing and verbally, specifically when discussing technical matters and reasoning through challenges and helping others
  • Enjoy helping others and the satisfaction and pride of a job well done
  • Are detail-oriented, flexible & creative problem solvers and can demonstrate their logical, methodical, fact and data driven approach to challenges through examples in life, work, or school
  • Are naturally curious and love to learn technical subjects and are self-driven to build their skills
  • Can recognize when someone communicates urgency, then communicate and take action accordingly
  • Are able to prioritize their work and client needs and communicate with team members and leaders as required to achieve goals
  • Enjoy learning new skills and the variety that comes from working with clients in many industries and locations around the world
  • Appreciate the diversity that exists in our team and in our global customer base, and are confidently able to recognize when they need to adapt their communication style and method to be effective in different situations. 
  • Have a positive attitude balanced with knowing when to be appropriately sceptical 
  • Appreciate candid feedback and can demonstrate how they are act on feedback for their continuous professional improvement

Industrial experience is NOT required to join our team. If you have any industrial experience; our software is used in supervisory control, HMI, SCADA, MES, and production management applications to name a few, and we'd love to hear about your experience. But again it's not required as you will learn from our team what these terms mean and how we make a difference. 

Skills Valued In All Roles

  • Verbal reasoning 
  • Strong keyboard skills, essential to the digital world 
  • Experience using any instant messaging application - Slack is a plus
  • Experience and confidence with any virtual meeting application: Zoom, Webex, GoTo Meeting, TeamViewer, etc - 
  • Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Outlook
  • Windows - file explorer, copy/paste, use of network drives, search - comfortable finding applications. 

For Technical Roles, Added Skills of Value

  • Skills with the Windows Operating system, networking, command prompt and basic IT skills will accelerate learning and growth 
  • Understanding of any type of communications network
  • Experience with common communications troubleshooting tools such as Wireshark
  • Knowledge of the interactions between software and the hardware that it runs on and the co-dependence that exists between them. 

Ready to Learn More? 

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To apply, see the Application Instructions on the position-specific pages under Current Opportunities


Software Toolbox does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, retaliation, parental status, military service, or other non-merit factor.