Interested in Upgrading to Cogent DataHub V10?

Ask Software Toolbox Experts Your V10 Upgrade Questions or Request your V10 Upgrade Code

The Cogent DataHub V10 software adds much additional functionality including Configuration Import, External Historian Integration, OPC UA A&C, Alarms & Notifications, Historical Data Tunneling, Store & Forward, MQTT Sparkplug B

Current DataHub support/maintenance holders can upgrade to DataHub Version 10 for free. Request your license code here by providing your current license information. 

You can find your license information two ways:

  1. If you have saved your original license delivery email, you can copy/paste the license ID from there.  We only need the part of your license string that is before the '0-0-0'.

  2. In the DataHub configuration, you can view your license by clicking on Licenses. We only need the Product Code and License #.

You can also use this form for any questions you may have about upgrading to V10.

Existing Users Get Your DataHub V10 License, or Ask Us V10 Questions