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You can find all of our recorded training videos and on-demand courses in our DataHub Video Learning Center

Upcoming Live Webinar Events

To kick off 2022, our developer partner Cogent is hosting a series of live events. Each event is being hosted at two times to provide convenient access to global time zones. Use the links below to register for the events.

Introducing Skkynet DataHub® in Azure – Implement OT/IT, IoT projects, and remote data access securely - 45 mins - September 13, 2022

Solve your IoT connectivity issues, secure our OT to IT data communications and cut your IoT project costs. With Skkynet DataHub® in Azure, you can extend your plant data and take advantage of the hundreds of 3rd party tools available in the Microsoft Azure marketplace, while still maintaining secure, real-time industrial data communications.  In this session we will look at the capabilities of Skkynet DataHub in Azure and also provide a live presentation.

Past Recorded Events

If you missed any of these events and would like access to the recording click the Watch Here under the each event.

DataHub® IoT Gateway: Connecting MQTT and MQTT Sparkplug B – 33 mins

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DataHub® version 10 includes many new features and enhancements including External Historian, Alarms and Notifications, Tunneling historical data, MQTT enhancements, OPC UA Alarms and Conditions to name a few.  In this session we discuss enhancements to MQTT and our support for MQTT Sparkplug B. Presentation also includes a live demonstration of the DataHub.

DataHub OPC UA A&C : convert OPC A&E to A&C - 45 mins 

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In this session we will take a deep technical dive on OPC UA A&C and conversion to OPC A&E. We will look at conversion between the two and connecting OPC UA A&C. This is a technical deep dive session.

DataHub Alarm Generator and Notifications - 45 mins

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In this session we will take a deep technical dive on Alarm Generator and Notifications of the DataHub. How to setup Alarms and notifications, whether for a single location or centralized.

External Historian: InfluxDB, AVEVA, OSI Pi - 29 mins 

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In this session we will discuss our new External Historian feature, focusing on our connectors to AVEVA Historian, OSIsoft Pi and InfluxDB.

Secure OPC Networking: OT to IT and the Cloud - 26 mins 

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One promise of Industrial IoT is to enable remote data access to your industrial Data. But what if that data is behind closed firewalls? How do you securely access, aggregate and publish this data, without compromising your security or changing your IT policies.  This webinar will look at how the DataHub can help you securely network, aggregate and publish your data to the cloud, or any central location. We will also look at some case use cases and address security.

MQTT Brokers – what you need to know – 29 min 

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Not all MQTT brokers are created equal. In fact, most of them are designed to fit specific markets.  In this webinar we will be looking at MQTT Brokers and the role they pay with MQTT JSON clients and Sparkplug B clients.  We will also discuss how the DataHub® solves some of the challenges associated with MQTT and show an implementation example where the DataHub smart broker is implemented.

Swiss army knife for connecting to OSIsoft Edge and OSIsoft Core - 18 min 

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In today’s heighten security environment,  unlocking operational insights from your production data, requires that you first access your data.  Yet, connecting to your production network, can prove to be a challenge, especially if you need to open inbound firewall ports, or provide internet access to publish data.

In this Web session, we will look at the challenges customers face, and discuss how other customers use the DataHub® to connect to OSIsoft Edge and OSIsoft Core.

Introducing DataHub Version 10 – 32 min 

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DataHub version 10 includes many new features and enhancements including External Historian connections, Alarms and Notifications, tunnelling for historical data, MQTT enhancements, and OPC UA Alarms and Conditions. This session will introduce these new features of DataHub 10, and how they can save you time and money.

Datahub MQTT Broker – Technical Deep dive – 35 min

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Having discussed MQTT in our previous session, this session will be a live demonstration of the DataHub. We’ll show you how to configure the DataHub MQTT broker, and discuss available options and best practices when connecting MQTT data to your SCADA system.

Secure networking for OPC – Prevent cyber attacks in your control network – 25 min 

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Whether you are networking OPC inside a plant netWhether you are networking OPC inside a plant network, moving OPC data work, moving OPC data to IT or a DMZ, or connecting remote plants, isolating the data source from the endpoint is critical in preventing cyber attacks. In this session we will cover how using the DataHub can keep your data moving, while securing your network. This session will also cover how to configure the DataHub, including a live demo.