Cogent DataHub On Demand Learning Resources

Get started with Cogent DataHub on your projects with the following resources:

The on demand training and videos below show you how to configure the most popular DataHub features.

On Demand Virtual Training 

  1. Transforming OPC to IoT Protocols such as OPC UA and MQTT, providing data to Azure IoT Hub digital twins, and transforming MQTT data to OPC (30:02)

OPC DA / OPC UA / OPC A&E (Gateway / Conversion / Redundancy):

  1. Reading from an OPC UA server and converting data to OPC DA (4:21)

  2. Reading from an OPC DA server and converting data to OPC UA (6:16)

  3. Configuring OPC DA and OPC UA Redundancy (6:13)

  4. Securely Connecting to an OPC UA Server (8:37)

  5. Converting OPC A&E to OPC DA or OPC UA (3:22)

  6. Converting OPC A&E to OPC UA A&C (3:08)

Tunneling / Avoiding DCOM / Limiting Open Firewall Ports:

  1. Configuring DataHub Tunneling - Basic Setup + Advanced Firewall Port Limiting (13:01)

IIoT / MQTT / Cloud:

  1. Configuring DataHub as an MQTT Broker (5:13)

  2. DataHub MQTT SparkplugB Smart Broker Tutorial (3:54)

  3. MQTT Client - OPC to Azure IoT Hub in DataHub (5:01)

  4. MQTT Client - Publishing and Subscribing to MQTT Brokers in DataHub (6:18)

  5. MQTT Client/Broker Advanced Parsing How-To (15:50)

General / Miscellaneous Features:

  1. Setting Up Remote Configuration in DataHub (5:12)

  2. WebView Getting Started in 5 Minutes (5:43)

  3. Quick Start for Connecting to Modbus TCP Devices (5:04)

  4. Tracking Server Health Information using System Monitor (7:36)

  5. Securely View and Control USB Cameras (6:59)

  6. How to use the Quick Trend (3:02)

DDE / Excel:

  1. How to Read and Write OPC DA/UA data in Excel (5:41)

Bridging Between Control Systems:

  1. Configuring Point-to-Point Bridging (4:52)

ODBC / Databases / External Historians 

  1. ODBC Data Logging - Intro - reading OPC data, adding New Rows to a Table (12:39)

  2. ODBC Data Logging - Modify Existing Rows in a Table (8:47)

  3. Reading from an ODBC Database (8:16)

  4. Logging OPC Data to External Historians (7:00)

Alerts / Notifications / Email Reports:

  1. Sending Email/SMS Alerts based on OPC Process Values (9:02)

Some of the other popular features of DataHub include sending email or SMS text reports or notificationsacting as a gateway solution between different types of OPC and other data sources, and more.

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