Cogent DataHub IoT Gateway

Stream data from OPC DA, UA, Databases +more to Azure, Google, Amazon, MQTT 

DataHub IoT Gateway Infographic

The Cogent DataHub is known for the large range of data sources it can collect from and deliver data to including many IoT cloud destinations

  • Spreadsheets,
  • Databases, and much more. 
  • Templates for streaming that data securely to cloud systems 
  • Secure MQTT Client and MQTT Broker solutions available

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KEPServer-EX IoT Gateway

Deliver KEPServer-EX data to MQTT brokers and RESTful clients and servers

KepServerEX IoT Gateway infographicThe KEPServer-EX IoT Gateway is an advanced plug-in for KEPServer-EX product line that adds capabilities to deliver data from anything KEPServer-EX can access data into IoT cloud systems.

  • MQTT client to push any data in KEPServer-EX to MQTT brokers
  • RESTful server for exposing data from KEPServer-EX
  • RESTful client for delivering data to RESTful web services.

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SkkyHub Cloud Service

Securely streaming data without opening any inbound firewall ports

SkkyHub Cloud Service Infographic

The Skkyhub Service is a natural extension of the Cogent DataHub product. 

The Skkyhub Service provides a secure cloud relay or proxy for streaming your data that doesn't require any open inbound firewall ports on either side of the connection for:

Skkyhub Service is different because:

  • Fast data throughput
  • One-way or two-way communications, you control it
  • Access data, but don't expose your network
  • No VPNs required 
  • Large dataset support with high speeds
  • Flexible pricing plans and free trials

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OPC Router

Industry 4.0 Data Integration Solution with Visual Workflows, SAP, OPC, Database Integrations & More



A highly configurable software tool for integrating a variety of industrial, business, and IoT data sources using drag and drop visual workflows with the goal of reducing engineering time and risk in Industry 4.0, IIoT, and Digital Transformation applications. 

  • OPC client connectivity to OPC UA, OPC DA, and OPC XML-DA servers
  • OPC UA Server including data access and methods triggers
  • Database connections to Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, InfluxDB and other ODBC databases
  • File access via SMB (Windows share) and FTP (SSL & plain)
  • Visual Workflows speed making connections to a wide variety of data sources
  • SAP certified connector for ERP integration

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Connecting non-standard protocol serial & Ethernet devices to OPC UA and beyond

OmniServer Pro Infographic

Connect to just about any serial or Ethernet device without custom programming. Serve the data up via OPC UA to any of the IOT Gateway solutions we offer. 


  • Codeless protocol implementation environment
  • Proven solution with 20+ years field experience
  • Connect 1000's of device types. 

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TOP Server MQTT Client Driver

Connecting MQTT Data Sources to Wonderware along with all other TOP Server drivers

TOP Server MQTT Client Driver infographic


  • Driver connects to any MQTT broker
  • Supports TLS, password, and user configurable Client ID security
  • Free video tutorial
  • Great complement to any other TOP Server driver suite you are using to deliver data to Wonderware applications.

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