OmniServer Video Resources

Get started with OmniServer on your projects with the following resources:

These videos show you how to configure OmniServer features.

General OmniServer Training Videos:

  1. Introduction to OmniServer (4:26)

  2. Using the OmniServer Visual Protocol Editor (17:36)

  3. Configuring OmniServer: Building protocols, configuring device connections, testing, and connecting an OPC UA client, with live hardware (48:41) 

  4. Basic Protocol Configuration Training (38:52)

  5. Advanced Protocol Configuration Training (48:00)

  6. Configuring an OmniServer Protocol to talk to a Marquee display in 3 Minutes (3:17)

  7. Configuring an OmniServer Protocol for Barcode Scanner (3:53)

  8. Configuring OmniServer for Mettler Toledo Scales (16:56)

  9. Using New/Improved Software Toolbox OPC Test Client (7:34)

OmniServer Advanced Protocol Configuration Features:

  1. Using OmniServer Registers (3:22)

  2. Using OmniServer Topic Variables (2:28)

  3. Using OmniServer Translations (5:02)

OmniServer Professional Edition Plug-Ins (formerly called wedges): 

  1. Configuring OmniServer Email/SMS Plug-In (19:55)

  2. Configuring OmniServer Text File Logging Plug-In (16:07)

  3. Configuring OmniServer Database Logging Plug-In (18:09)

Client Connectivity:

  1. Using OmniServer with OPC UA Clients (16:40)

  2. Using OmniServer with Inductive Automation Ignition (12:14)

Wonderware Client Connectivity:

  1. Using OmniServer with Wonderware InTouch via SuiteLink (8:42)

  2. Using OmniServer with Wonderware System Platform via OPC DA (14:39)

  3. Using OmniServer with Wonderware System Platform via SuiteLink (16:52)

  4. Using OmniServer with Wonderware Historian via SuiteLink (12:25)

Infographic - OmniServer Professional

For other OmniServer resources, including application notes, please visit the OmniServer website.

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