Cogent DataHub Service for Azure Extends Cogent DataHub® to the Cloud 

Empowering streaming data from where you need it to where you want it

The Cogent DataHub Service for Azure is a natural extension of the Cogent DataHub product. Through our partnership with Skkynet and Cogent Real Time Systems since 2006, we have delivered the Cogent DataHub solution to users and integrators around the world and helped them implement the solution. 

The Cogent DataHub Service for Azure provides a secure cloud relay or proxy for streaming your data that doesn't require any open inbound firewall ports on either side of the connection for:


Why is the Cogent DataHub Service for Azure Different?

Fast Data Throughput

Connecting IT and OT assets, OPC DA, OPC UA, MQTT, remote office locations, the Cogent DataHub Service for Azure only adds milliseconds above normal network latencies

One-way or two-way

Stream data from devices or plants, or stream data the other way, or both. You are in control of the choice.

Access Data, Not Networks

Using the Cogent DataHub as the gateway at the plant/premise level, you only move data. No VPNs, no opening your network just to get data, so your IT and OT networks remain untouched

No open firewalls on premise

That's right. Outbound connections from the Cogent DataHub gateway keep all in-bound firewall ports closed. Yet you can choose to allow data to come back in. It works, we've done it, and can show you how. No exposed inbound attack surfaces at facility, device, or office.

Large Data Sets

Cogent DataHub Service for Azure and the premise Cogent DataHub gateway can stream up to 100,000 data points in real-time

Flexible Pricing & Free Trials

Three service types let you choose the level of service you want at a price that fits your budget. Request a free consultation to learn more and to arrange a free trial.


SkkyHub, Skkynet, and Cogent DataHub are trademarks of Skkynet Cloud Systems, Inc. 

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