CSIA Partner Integrator Learning Resources

csia_logoMany of you Software Toolbox for our expertise in drivers, with integrating common devices and data. You may not know about the tools we bring that help you do things with that data, whether in conjunction with the client's HMI/SCADA/Historian/MES or other system, but also together with our other products. Each of these products have plenty of opportunity for system integrators to add value through their expertise and services and the flexibility within the products.

Here are some resources your team can use to learn more about these technologies and how to apply them:


Cogent DataHub

Unify data from all sources, connecting many different types of OPC, databases, files, MQTT, even Excel in this flexible software. Most importantly, Cogent DataHub offers unique ways of securely moving data between sites, with external partners, the cloud, without opening inbound firewall ports, and working with proxies, DMZs and many unique network configurations. Be sure and check out the upcoming free training classes put on by our developer partner, listed below

OPC Router

OPC-Router_NewInfoGraphic-400w-380hA configurable software tool for integrating a variety of industrial, business, and IoT data sources using drag and drop visual workflows with the goal of reducing engineering time and risk in Industry 4.0, IIoT, and Digital Transformation applications. OPC Router includes native connectors for SAP, visual integration to REST and SOAP web services along with native OPC UA and DA connections and many more connections, tied together with a unique visual workflow configuration.  With many ways to tie together data visually, and a C# scripting engines when you have that very unique requirement variation on our flexible options, the possibilities for profitable integration work are many. 


Flow_Functional_Block_Diagram_550wSupporting, operating, and optimizing your industrial business requires that you know about problems before they ruin your day, week, month, quarter, or dare we say career? Flow unifies data from historians, databases, business systems and helps you aggregate, calculate, visualize and collaborate on a single version of the truth, without custom code. For system integrators who battle with the customer requirement for "reports", the speed and ease with which Flow can generate results is a welcome change. 


omniserverse_400w_371hWhen it comes to integrating serial and ethernet devices that aren't your common PLCs, OmniServer is the proven solution with 25 years field experience. Using the included OmniServer visual protocol editor, you build up the protocol send/receive messages that you need to use to communicate to the device, using the device's communications guide as your reference.  

Our training videos make it easy to get started, but we also offer our integrators cost-effective quick start or success assurance services to supplement your team's expertise. In the end you have an off-the-shelf software solution that you can profitably support and maintain to maximize your client's device connectivity.